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Can I work remotely?

Yes we have a dedicated internet feed (not shared band width like some resorts) and also have left a wifi printer, small monitor and ring light and external microphone to allow you to stay connected to your business world 🌎 

Do you have cable TV?

Yes we provide complimentary HD channels as well as having a smart tv for all your streaming platforms - just remember to log out when you leave 

Do I need to rent a car?

Yes without a doubt

How close is the pool

45 seconds - largest pool on the island 🏝 

How far is the beach away?

1min 34seconds from door to sand

Can you recommend a place that plays live island music? 

Not all offer music and the dates vary so best to check on TripAdvisor but the recently restarted fish fry on a Thursday is fun and lots have music on a Sunday

What is a popular island drink?   

Rum punch of course and all cocktails but we also have a great bar area in the condo and a blender and poolside plastic glassware.

Cost for Covid testing is $50pp. Is that the standard price?  

We take our own from emed as cheaper but there is a link to seven stars on our site and your can pre book - suggest you do this now

There are 4 in our group. How many beach chairs do you have?  

We have 6 and 2 umbrellas plus beach bags

All can be found in the inventory sent showing everything in the unit

Does king bed next to the balcony provide an ocean view?

Yes again have a look on FB and our website for lots of images 

Love our coffee in the early AM and wondered if you have filters for coffee maker or K-cups (decaf)? Coffee and warm AM sun, great pair.

There are is both a drip coffee and k-cup machine - we provide the filters for the drip but advise you to bring your own coffee 


How long from the airport?

 - 25 minutes after leaving the car rental

How long does it take to get to the hustle and bustle of Grace Bay? 

- 25 minutes

How many beds do you have ?

2 King Beds and 2 twin beds - sleeps 6

How are the bathrooms configured?

3 fully tiled shower rooms (Koehler fixtures - glass sliders)

Where is the nearest restaurant?

This will be the famous Conch Shack and is only 12-14 minutes by car.

How close is the nearest bar?

This is located at Froggies - 10 minutes by car

Is there a speaker that we can pair our phones with so that we can enjoy the sounds of smooth jazz as we sip on our chilled wine?

Yes we have a sonos bar and speakers 

Can we use floating devices in the pool? Chillax time...

Yes - there is at least one left by previous guests in the apartment - but suggest you bring four in your case or by on island 

What are 3 of your favorite restaurants?

Omar’s for lunch

Provence for a fancy dinner

Baci for Italian

Lots of options on our dinning page

What are 3 top beaches on this side of the island. How far are Sapodilla and Parrot Beaches

I don’t go to the other beaches to be honest ours is too amazing - but more details in the welcome folder 

Do you have a cooler for day trips to beach?

Yes we have three in the closet by the fridge 

Keep reading about people bringing food in suitcases. What kinds of food are folks bringing? How do they get through TSA?  

I bring coffee (k-cups) and some duty free alcohol but otherwise support the local economy and shop on island

Start with smart for the basics (local shop here so best prices) then visit IGA on leeward highway for more selection and then visit IGA gourmet by Grace Bay for fancy tourist foods

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Seas The Day TCI - Scuba
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