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Seas The Day TCI - Kite

T&C is a Kite Surfing Heaven

The winds off North Point are almost constant 

Enjoy hours of Kite surfing right off the Beach

I am not a kite surfer myself but several of the owners are - and they rave about the winds here. To help with lesson/gear rental and more please see the links to the local professionals.
They offer one to one as well as group session. 
I can of course help with the accommodation needs - offering our 3 bedroom condo and introductions to other 1 and 2 bed units as needed. 
I want to see your condo...

Kite Provo Kiteboarding school, is the longest running kiteboarding school in the Turks and Caicos, They have a waverunner, and a boat for lessons. They are located on Long Bay Beach.

Kite Provo Lessons


Kitesurf School in TCI Kiteboarding has become one of the most popular water sports as of today. This special sporting activity delivers enormous amount of fun and excitement to the participants. To enjoy the real excitement of kiteboarding – however – there are several mandatory requirements; perfect weather condition, just the correct type of blue waters, the assistance of professional kiteboarding instructors, kiteboarding gear, practically proven lesson plans and results-oriented teaching methodology. Well, there are only a few places that can fulfill all those requirements and Kitesurf TCI is surely among the best of them due to obvious reasons. 

Kite Surf TCI Lessons
Rent your Gear from Kite Surf TCI

Kite Surfing at NWP

Seas The Day TCI - Kite
Seas The Day TCI - Kite
Seas The Day TCI - Kite
Seas The Day TCI - Kite
Seas The Day TCI - Kite
Seas The Day TCI - Kite
All kite surfing images courtesy of Kathy and Gregg from Unit 105 and 106 Building 1
Seas The Day TCI - Kite
Seas The Day TCI - Beach